ACI – S1: Making the Cash, Trade and Payments Dream Real

So much for deal stickiness. ACI Worldwide bidding on top of Fundtech for S1. When I blogged about the Fundtech-S1 deal last month I asked the question, “wasn’t this ACI’s dream? ” I wondered why ACI Worldwide hadn’t made a go for S1 considering it’s platform has many of the moving parts ACI Worldwide was missing with its last home-grown attempt at the “global” platform.  Any way you look at either deal, S1 wins. Maybe cash in the hand is worth more than paper.  Fundtech, however, has a robust payments business and clientele and regardless of how this drama ends, I do not believe they will be too bruised by the outcome.  In many ways, the ACI Worldwide deal may be the best thing to keep smaller agile competition and deal targets open.

See Reuters article


One response to “ACI – S1: Making the Cash, Trade and Payments Dream Real

  1. ACI probably has a long term goal to get to a position where an IBM or an Oracle will compete to buy them. ACI are a cash generating machine from legacy technology but not a lot is happening from their new stuff. An S1/ Fundtech combination might well leave ACI as the plain looking sister at that dance. This is as much about stopping that as it is about growing ACI.

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